Our organization undertakes to produce by following Islamic Jurisprudence for the sake of Allah (swt). It is guaranteed that the production will be carried out following the determined Halal Production Criteria (TS OIC / SMIIC 1:2019).

As GSK Panna, we undertake to carry out the necessary planning and implementation studies to ensure the continuity of the Halal and Food Safety Management System, to fulfill all the necessary conditions for the employees to fulfill the requirements of this System, and to implement it with patience and effort.

GSK Panna senior management ensures the necessary awareness by conveying to all its employees the importance of fulfilling customer requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements.

The GSK Panna management system must be implemented in all its aspects and take into account the need for continuous improvement. As the top management, it creates the Halal Food Production Policy, determines the necessary targets for the implementation of the Halal Food System, and includes it among the responsibilities of the company's employees.

GSK Panna management is committed to providing the time, training, and human and working environment resources necessary for Halal Food System studies. In addition, it is determined to fulfill and implement the responsibilities described in the halal handbook through the Halal System Representative assigned to the System works. Halal Food Management System accepts that food items that are harmful to human health are not halal products, and therefore Halal Food Management works in parallel with the Food Safety Management System.

General Manager